SanDisk launches 200GB microSD card

Little big memory has impressive crown jewels

MWC 2015 The new SanDisk 200GB microSD card costs $399, making it more valuable weight-for-weight than blue sapphire.

This capacity gives SanDisk's little gem the ability to store up to 20 hours of HD video.

Moreover, the company explained to El Reg that the only reason this is a 200GB device and not 256GB is that at 15nm, the die had reached the maximum size which could be squeezed into the microSD form factor to the specifications and still allow space for SanDisk’s control electronics.

SanDisk says that while the capacity of this card was influenced by the die size, the company is looking at alternative solutions to increase capacity which may not require another process shrink immediately.

The new device has a memory read speed of 90MB/sec and while the company wouldn’t be drawn on a write speed, it said it was Class 10, which stipulates a speed of 10MB/sec or better.

The company says enhanced storage capacities are becoming available to meet demand. Applications such as high frame rates, HD video with the opportunity for slow motion, and RAW mode image capture produce very large files. RAW is coming as it’s supported by Lollipop.

While many mobile phones will claim to only support microSD cards of 128GB, the SDXC standard means they will address the full memory of the new cards.

However, phones which only support the SDHC standard of five years ago will not be able to do so. ®

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