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'Hi, I'm from Microsoft and I am GOING TO KILL YOU'

Tech support scammer says hit squads roaming Canada, eliminating holdouts

Apparently, the growing hobby of tagging along with “Microsoft tech support” scam calls to waste their time is starting to bug the scammers, with a Canadian man reportedly threatened by a caller from India.

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) says Jakob Dulisse of Nelson in British Columbia played along with the caller and recorded the call – and when he asked the scammer why he wanted to rip off suckers, things turned nasty.

The call escalated first to a threat that “what we do to Anglo people … we cut them in little pieces and throw them in the river”.

The scam-caller, who admitted he was calling from India, added an I-know-where-you-live style threat, saying that Microsoft has people on the ground in Canada capable of carrying out his orders to execute those who refuse tech support.

Although he said the threat was frightening Dulisse said it was hard to take seriously, because at the same time the scammer wanted to keep the call going to get access to his “victim's” computer.

CBC has excerpts of the call here, or in the embedded widget below. Things get funky at about the 3:00 mark.

Microsoft told the outlet that 200,000 Canadians fall prey to the scams each year, creating a $CA347 million target market for the crooks.


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