Tech leaders: Can you predict the future? Tell us all about it

Crystal balls on Reg roundtable

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Reg Events If you’re running IT for your company, you’ve presumably got the ability to see into the future. If you don’t, you probably want to see what your peers are thinking.

That’s why we’re going to be discussing this at our second Register Roundtable of 2015, :

What technology will really change your business over the next decade?

We might be talking the bleeding edge of quantum computing or artificial intelligence here. Or simply a sensible application of existing public cloud technologies to creaking legacy software. It’s your conversation to drive as you see fit.

We’ll be meeting at a central London Hotel on April 22 at 3pm. The formal discussion will last 90 minutes, and then we’d like you to join us to continue the conversation informally over fine wine and cocktails.

The whole event will be conducted under the Chatham House Rule.

We’ll be keeping the numbers down to no more than 12, but we’re aiming to keep the panel as broad-based as possible. If you don’t make the list for this event, don’t worry, as we’ll make sure you’re on the list for future events. You can register your interest by clicking here. ®


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