Ex-cops dumped on never-hire blacklist for data misdeeds

Look how clean our house is, say angelic police forces

The College of Policing has proudly informed the world that 59 former police officers, who were either sacked or resigned, have been placed on a blacklist barring them from re-entering the police service due to “data misuse”.

Within a mere year of existing the “Disapproved Register” has already been graced with the names of 444 police officers, among whom have been two superintendents and four chief inspectors.

A variety of misdeeds led to the ex-coppers being blacklisted, but today's sub-list of 59 were barred from any return to policing thanks to their data wrongdoings.

The College of Policing has proudly hailed the numbers as showing how effective the police are at investigating internal misconduct.

Chief Constable Alex Marshall stated: “Confidence remains high in policing with a recent poll showing 66 per cent of the public who were asked said they generally trusted police to tell the truth, which is the highest figure since 1983.”

That Ipsos MORI poll also showed that in 2014 29 per cent of the public would not trust a policeman to tell the truth, with only four per cent undecided.

While internal investigations may have found those on the "Disapproved Register" guilty of misconduct, police officers have until recently been able to retire or resign to avoid dismissal. The Home Office is now enforcing new regulations to prevent that. ®

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