Obsolete – and IP-baring – Anon tool linked to feminist blog DDoS

LOIC emerges from the dark and dusty past

A feminist blog hit by a DDoS attack on International Women’s Day has used the attack to its advantage.

Amber Gordon, founder of femsplain.com, said although the site is no stranger to Distributed Denial of Service assaults, Sunday's attack differed in being unusually intense.

“I think it’s because it’s International Women’s Day,” she told The Verge.

Unconfirmed boasts on Twitter suggests the Low Orbit Ion Cannon (LOIC) tool was used to pull off the assault. The utility was popular in the early days of Anonymous but it soon emerged that by default it betrayed the IP address of users, a factor that led to a number of arrests.

Femsplain took advantage of the DDoS attack on International Women’s Day to harvest media attention. Now the site is back online, apparently none the worse for wear.

Days before the attack launched Femsplain completed a successful $30,000 fundraiser campaign via Kickstarter to fund payments to contributors and server costs.

Femsplain.com, founded in October 2014, describes itself as a community-powered publisher geared towards inspiring "change through storytelling". ®

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