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Google will make you live to be 500, claims Ventures president

We'll be keeping your data until then, so you might as well

The president and managing partner of Google Ventures, Bill Maris, has stated that it is possible to live to be 500, according to a lengthy and uncritical article appearing on the cover of the April 2015 issue of Bloomberg Markets.

And not only is it possible to live to be 500, but Google is investing in the companies that will help consumers do just that.

Historically, biotech investment has been limited by investor ignorance of the field's research costs. Today's venture capitalists, however, with their billions and their chinos, are less wary of such collaboration and excited about what it has already helped develop.

Maris cites the Interactive Cancer Explorer as an example of recent biotech success.

“Twenty years ago, without genomics you could only treat cancer with a poison,” Maris said. “That’s really different from, ‘We can cure your cancer by reverse-engineering a stem cell.’ You can now legitimately invest in a company that could cure cancer.”

The Bloomberg article notes Maris' friendship with “futurist” Ray Kurzweil, whose 2005 book The Singularity is Near: When Humans Transcend Biology predicts the imminent appearance of nanobots that will keep you slim and young while you avoid doing any exercise.

"Listening to the scientists gathered around the table, it’s hard not to get caught up in the world they see coming," writes Katrina Brooker.

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