Doh! iTunes store goes down AFTER Apple Watch launch

'STATUS_CODE_ERROR' heaps misery on pro-strapon fanbois

Apple fanbois worldwide are flinging their iThings into the bin after the iTunes Store and App Store began spewing out error messages earlier.

Cupertino spent much of this morning apparently ignoring gripes from fuming customers who moaned about the service going titsup on microblabbing site Twitter.

However, Apple has finally coughed to outage strife affecting its iTunes Store, iBooks Store, Mac App Store and App Store, as well as sign-ins for iCloud accounts and mail.

According to the Tim Cook-run firm's status page, its iCloud system has now recovered.

But – at time of publication – Apple said that "multiple store services" were "unavailable for all users."

A popular message popping up on the service read:


Which, perhaps, is some kind of weird fashion statement about Apple's pig arse-ugly Watch.

Or maybe it's not. Take your pick, we're not fussy. ®

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