Barracuda CEO snaps up post on Nimble board

At first glance it's logical, but something's odd here

Barracuda’s CEO, “BJ” Jenkins, has joined hybrid disk array leader Nimble Storage’s board. Doesn’t the day job fill his time?

He’s also Barracuda’s president, as if he’s not busy enough. A canned quote from him on his move said: "It's an exciting time to be in the storage business as innovation thrives and new industry leaders emerge”

“Nimble is well positioned to move up market into the enterprise and seize its fair share of the $22bn total addressable market,” Jenkins said. “I look forward to serving on the board and working closely with the executive team to drive continued growth and momentum through [the] next phase of the company's expansion.”

Working closely with the executive team? How’s that? He’ll set on Nimble’s audit committee, overseeing financial reporting. There’s no working closely with the exec team to drive business growth in that activity.

Suresh Vasudevan, Nimble CEO since 2011, had his own prepped remarks: “BJ is uniquely experienced to work with us as we continue to execute an aggressive vision to deliver the industry's most efficient flash storage platform and double down on our sales and channel routes-to-market to accelerate customer acquisition in the enterprise and cloud service provider segments of the market.”

Before coming to take the Barracuda reins Jenkins was president of EMC's backup recovery systems (BRS) division. Barracuda is about backup and file copies, so what does Jenkins know about the hybrid storage array business?

It's a puzzlement. Are we hearing the whole story here, or is something else going on? ®

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