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I BEG YOU, mighty Jobs, TAKE MY LIVER, Cook told Apple's dying co-founder

Cupertino chief even offered to SLICE UP his organ

Apple boss Tim Cook offered part of his liver to dying Steve Jobs, Fast Company exec editor Rick Tetzeli has claimed in his new biography on the Apple co-founder.

Encouraged by a rare blood-type match, rather than a liking for fava beans and a nice Chianti, Cook reportedly popped round to see a very ill Jobs, who was bedridden with cancer and its side-effects, to offer him a piece of his organ for a life-saving transplant.

The book claimed Jobs responded "No," immediately, adding, "I'll never let you do that. I'll never do that."

Tetzeli noted that approximately 6,000 living-donor transplants were performed every year in the United States, and the rate of success for both donor and recipient was high.

"The liver is a regenerative organ. The portion transplanted into the recipient will grow to a functional size, and the portion of the liver that the donor gives up will also grow back," Tetzeli wrote.

Many people would have regarded the offer as a tremendous opportunity to fight the disease, but Jobs was not among them.

"Steve only yelled at me four or five times during the 13 years I knew him," says Cook, "and this was one of them."

Tetzeli's biography, Becoming Steve Jobs, was co-written with Brent Schlender. It will be released on 24 March. ®

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