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Microsoft shows off South Korean PC-on-a-stick

Daewoo dongle due in May, will run Windows 8.1

What's 11 centimeters long, packs an Intel processor, weighs 46g, runs Windows 10 or 8.1, and is sticky?

Come May, the answer to that question is the Lucoms PC-on-a-stick, at least in South Korea. Microsoft's outpost in Nice Korea yesterday threw a bash of some sort to talk up the Windows device ecosystem. And among the announcements was mention that the device pictured at the top of this story will emerge in May.

Exact specs weren't revealed but the image suggests an HDMI port, USB port for peripherals and USB-mini for power, 16GB or 32GB of storage and a micro-SD card for those who want to add more.

Price hasn't been discussed, but the device is mentioned in the context of Microsoft South Korea aiming to get Windows into devices of every shape and size.

A PC-on-a-stick makes sense in the context of South Korea's often-small apartments, in which a PC that plugs into a TV may well be a welcome space-saver.

Might the PC stick make it out of South Korea? Lucoms, the device's maker, is one tentacle of giant diversified Korean outfit Daewoo and already sells in the USA. The stick PC doesn't feature on Lucom USA's site, but the company does offer special purpose PCs, some in small form factors, for use in applications like security or kiosks. ®

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