Watching porn makes men 'better in bed'

Just as well, really

It's widely believed that watching more porn tends to be a bad thing for a man's performance in real-world boudoir athletics: but a new study by academics in Montreal suggests that in fact the reverse may be true.

The study involved 280 Montreal men, who were asked how much porn they viewed in a week (with some apparently managing an eyeball-glazing 25 hours). They also completed a "questionnaire that measures levels of sexual desire".

Some 127 of the men had regular partners and also completed "the International Index of Erectile Function, a questionnaire that requires men to rate their experience with erectile function".

As a final experiment, the men watched some official baseline porn in the university lab, "showing a man and woman having consensual vaginal intercourse", and then, erm, self-reported their level of sexual arousal.

The first result of all this was to undermine the idea that ogling loads of super-strength smut desensitises a man and makes it hard for him to get turned on by just regular sex.

"We found that the men who had watched more sex films at home were more aroused when they watched sex films in the lab,” says Nicole Prause, one of the psychologists who produced the study.

"The result is important because clinicians often claim that men get desensitized by watching these films,” Prause continues. “They are responding more strongly to very vanilla erotica ... it proves [that] viewing erotica at home is not desensitizing and perhaps even sensitized the men to respond more strongly.”

It's also suggested by some researchers that too much porn-goggling leads to erectile dysfunction when it's time for a man to do his duty with a real sexual partner. But apparently Prause couldn't stand that idea up, at all.

“Many clinicians claim that watching erotica makes men unable to respond sexually to ‘normal’ sexual situations with a partner,” she says. “That was not the case in our sample ... These data suggest that inventing a new problem — porn causing erectile problems — for which there is no tested treatment, may be a disservice to patients".

The study is published in the journal Sexual Medicine, here. ®

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