Cops cuff Colorado girl for allegedly poisoning mum after iPhone ban

Suspect attempted to murder her ma twice, police claim

A preteen child was reportedly manacled in Colorado, US yesterday, after allegedly attempting to poison her mother twice, because the kid's iPhone had been taken away from her.

According to the Denver Post, it was claimed by police that an unnamed, 12-year-old girl used bleach to try to kill her mum.

Boulder County Sheriff's Office cuffed the suspect for attempted murder, after the girl allegedly put bleach in her mother's breakfast smoothie on 2 March.

The youngster's mum noticed the odour of bleach in the drink but apparently assumed that her daughter hadn't properly rinsed out the glass.

Days later, it was claimed that the girl attempted to poison her mother again by pouring bleach into a water carafe used by the alleged victim.

The kid admitted, when quizzed by her mum, that she had tried to kill her parent as a revenge plot for having her iPhone confiscated – it was claimed.

No formal charges have been brought. The suspect is reportedly being held in the Boulder County Juvenile Center. ®

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