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Scality proffers its RING to the Land of the Rising Sun

Channel-loving Scality accelerates install

V5 of Scality's RING object storage software is now generally available, and has automated installation to ease the construction of petabyte rings with hundreds of nodes.

The software was first discussed six months ago, with the top-level items being Amazon S3 and EBS-like storage for files, objects and VMware and KVM virtual machines, plus a near speed doubling for file and random IO operations.

V5.0 now has:

  • Faster and simplified installation
  • UI-driven configuration and provisioning
  • Expanded use case and application workload coverage
  • Windows and Linux clients get additional client connectivity and deployment options

Channel partners and resellers now have access to a new user interface for automated RING installation on any industry-standard server platform. This is done with a Central Installation Platform component, using an open source agent-driven framework, providing a 15-minute installation of all required RING elements. The UI has been tweaked to provide point-and-click configuration for easier provisioning.

Windows clients and servers get to access the RING with a native SMB connector. This joins the existing set of NFS, FUSE (Linux File System) and Object connectors.

RING Connector deployments have been expanded to include the Debian Linux 7.6 (Wheezy) distribution on top of the existing support for RedHat, CentOS and Ubuntu Linux distributions.

Overall RING v5.0 is faster than previous versions thanks to:

  • More CPU-efficient erasure-coding library for the Advanced Resiliency Configuration (ARC) feature
  • Support for 10x faster bulk file system operations
  • Improved CDMI REST Connector performance to support larger numbers of simultaneous clients

CEO Jerome Lecat said 80 per cent of Scality's business is through the channel. Currently 15 per cent of Scality's business comes from Japan. It has set up a Japanese subsidiary to increase sales in Japan, with a 24/7 Japan-based support desk opening by the end of the year. Hiromasa Ebi, based in Tokyo, is VP and general manager of Scality KK, joining from SanDisk.

Kinetic disk drive support

Futoshi Niizuma, executive director and representative director, Nippon Seagate, provided a supportive quote emphasising Scality's Kinetic drive support: "Seagate Kinetic technology empowers Scality to enhance the value of enterprise replication with peer-to-peer architecture for limitless replication, geo distribution and synchronised operations. This joint solution will address the large storage deployment challenges of cloud service providers and private enterprise.”

The Kinetic disk drive has an object-style Get and Put interface with the drive accessed directly over Ethernet. It's interesting that this is Nippon Seagate and not Seagate worldwide; suggestive of a localised initiative.

Scality RING 5.0 is available for download from Scality's customer portal.

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