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Dutch Transport Inspectorate raid Uber's Amsterdam office

We told you, guys. Enough with the uberPOP already

The Dutch Transport Inspectorate is carrying out raids on Uber's Amsterdam office as it investigates allegations that the ride-sharing company is continuing to operate its banned uberPOP service.

Reuters quoted a company spokeperson saying that the raids followed signs that Uber had continued to offer the service.

In a comment sent to The Register, a spokesperson for the Transport Inspectorate explained how the Dutch Administrative Act "provided the inspectorate with authority to visit the company to check its administration regarding the illegal service uberPOP."

The spokesperson added: "In this way we will collect information regarding the overall size of the illegal taxi service."

It was also confirmed that the other services Uber offers in Amsterdam both use licensed taxi drivers and as such have not come under legal criticism.

Uber has also run into difficulties in Germany, South Korea, and India recently.

In December, the Dutch authorities said they would be fining Uber Technologies €10,000 every time they caught an unlicensed driver using the uberPOP service. The maximum cumulative fine Uber could receive is €100,000, which it has since reached. The December ruling also upheld an existing ban on uberPOP.

A spokesperson for the Transport Inspectorate told El Reg today that uberPOP "continues offering illegal taxi services, despite arrests of drivers and the fact that the company has to pay a €100,000 administrative fine".

An Uber spokesperson complained: "This is the second time in a week that Dutch transport inspectors have visited our Amsterdam office, and we are surprised to see them spending so much time preventing our ride-sharing product, uberPOP from operating."

The spokesman did not comment on the December ruling. ®

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