AMD opens kimono on chip futures a little more

A 200-300W HPC GPU by 2017? Tell us more

The best way to protect corporate secrets is to announce them at a tech conference in Japan, which is why word is only just arriving of AMD's February reveal of a clustering roadmap.

Consumer and commercial business lead Junji Hayashi told the PC Cluster Consortium workshop in Osaka that the 2016 release CPU cores (an ARMv8 and an AMD64) will get simultaneous multithreading support, to sit alongside the clustered multithreading of the company's Bulldozer processor families.

Hayashi also told the conference the company's planning a two-year upgrade cycle for the Accelerated Processing Units in its GPUs, with a performance target by 2019 of multiple teraflops for HPC target applications.

By 2017, the company wants to be able to ship a 200-300 W thermal design power (TDP) HPC GPU, with high-bandwidth memory the company expects to be nine times faster than GDDR5 memory and 128 times better than DDR3.

The company is also moving forward with its SkyBridge strategy, announced in May 2014, in which ARM and x86 SoCs will be pin-compatible, so motherboard-makers only need to work up a single design.

Hayashi reconfirmed that AMD's first “Ambidextrous Computing” SkyBridge products will be arriving this year.

Original source from Japan here. ®

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