Periscope smeared by streaming security SNAFU

Live vid titles leak from Twitter's new app for the Bong! crowd

Twitter's Meerkat-strangling live streaming app Periscope has had its first privacy SNAFU, leaking the titles (but not the content) of videos meant for private circulation only.

Periscope allows users to stream live video into their Twitter feeds. The app debuted mere days after a very similar app, Meerkat, became the Bong! crowd's latest darling.

The flaw in Twitter's app means audio and video of a private broadcast will remain private: only the title leaks. While most users will think of it as an annoyance more than a catastrophe, there will still be some Bobs wondering if the mere title Private Striptease by Alice for Bob might tip off Eve that there's something to ask about.

Periscope Tweeted the problem thus:

Twitter's chequebook-wranglers worked at relativistic speeds when it became clear that Meerkat had quit standing and looking around and was on a sprint, something confirmed at SXSW when VCs started unloading overburdened wallets in its direction.

The microblogging macrophage had already roped its merger-and-acquisition department to the oars, beat the drum, cracked the whip, and grabbed Periscope in January, but waited until just before SXSW to go public with the buy.

A Twitter user known to Vulture South, @scott_thewspot drily noted that Periscope's privacy bug doesn't affect Android or Windows Phone apps (because there's only an iOS client at this stage). ®

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