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Light the torches! NSA's BFF Senator Feinstein calls for e-book burning

DiFi wants Anarchist Cookbook, Al Qaeda mag scrubbed from the internet

Senator Dianne Feinstein is calling for a pair of controversial instructionals to be banned from the internet.

Feinstein (D-CA) did not say exactly how she plans to scrub The Anarchist Cookbook and Inspire magazine from every server, desktop and notebook on the planet, but none the less she wants both titles pulled from circulation.

The comments come after two women were arrested in New York City on charges of plotting terrorist attacks.

The duo reportedly had ties to the late former editor of the Al-Qaeda backed English-language Inspire, and were accused of seeking out other bomb-making guides in preparation for an attack.

Now Feinstein, a big fan of America's surveillance apparatus, wants to make both Inspire and the 1969 Anarchist Cookbook illegal to make available online.

"We must remain vigilant against these types of attacks and place a high priority on tracking and interdicting such plots," the fifth-term Senator said.

“I am particularly struck that the alleged bombers made use of online bomb-making guides like the Anarchist Cookbook and Inspire magazine. These documents are not, in my view, protected by the First Amendment and should be removed from the internet."

Difficult as it may be to have a book permanently "removed" from the internet, Feinstein shares the opinion of at least one prominent figure: the author of the Anarchist Cookbook. William Powell now says that the book should be taken out of circulation, calling its underlying premise "profoundly flawed." ®

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