Al Franken to FBI: We need MORE revenge smut arrests

Senator is 'deeply concerned' over disclosure of candid pics

Prominent US Senator Al Franken is calling on the FBI to do more to fight "revenge porn" sites.

Franken (D-MN), a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, said in an open letter (PDF) to FBI director James Comey that he wants authorities to do more to track down and prosecute those who share imtimate photos without the subject's conset.

"I am deeply concerned by reports of individuals, mostly women, having explicit images of themselves posted on websites when they did not consent to their disclosure," Franken said.

"These images are often accompanied by personal information, including names, addresses phone numbers and employers."

Franken gave Comey until May 8 to respond with a list of legal powers the FBI has to investigate such cases and any legal hurdles the agency faces when trying to track down those who submit to and curate "revenge porn" sites.

"It is critical that when victims report these images to federal law enforcement they receive expeditious assistance and are treated with sensitivity," wrote Franken.

"Victims' suffering should not be prolonged as pending investigations result in their images remaining online, with the risk of continued harassment."

The letter comes in the midst of a legal crackdown on the unauthorized porn sites. US authorities recently brought to justice the operators of two prominent revenge smut sites.

One of those operators, Craig Brittain, has been suing sites in hopes of scouring the fact that he, Craig Brittain, was the subject of an FTC complaint for running a revenge porn site. El Reg referred to Craig Brittain as a "walking sack of crap" and we have yet to find any reason to retract that sentiment. ®

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