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Samsung's bend blame blast: We DEMAND a Galaxy S6 Edge do-over

Test that cracked phablet's screen WASN'T FAIR, wails chaebol

Vid Samsung is disputing claims that its Galaxy S6 Edge smartphone is just as bendy as Apple's iPhone 6 Plus – and has put together a video to make its point.

Galaxy S6 and S6 edge 80lbf Three-Point Bend Test

Last week consumer electronics insurer SquareTrade put the two handsets, and the HTC One M9, through some bending tests, and found that both Apple and Samsung's phablets warp when put under 110 pound-force. But while the iPhone bent just a little, the screen of the Samsung cracked.

"The video assumes a very specific condition – 110lbf (50kgf), which rarely occurs under normal circumstances," the chaebol complained in a blog post.

"The normal force that generated when a person presses the back pocket is approximately 66lbf (30kgf). Our internal test results indicate that the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 edge are not bendable even under 79lbf (32kgf)."

Samsung also complained that SquareTrade's tests only applied pressure to the front of the smartphone. Had they tried it on the back of the handset, the results could have been very different, Samsung argues.

It's not hard to see why Samsung is so concerned about this. The biz made plenty of snide references to the iPhone 6 Plus during bendgate; the kerfuffle over the astonishing realization that if you put a long, thin phone in your trouser pockets it may bend slightly at some point.

Samsung has now issued an open challenge to SquareTrade asking it to redo the tests using both the front and back of the handsets, and says it is confident the results will prove illuminating.

"We are confident that all our smartphones are not bendable under daily usage," the South Koreans said. ®

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