Pro-tip: Steal a TARDIS to survive Windows Server preview death

Or some other time machine if you want continuous testing, Microsoft seems to be saying

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Microsoft's decision to deliver the next version of Windows Server in 2016 has created an odd problem: the current tech preview of the new OS will expire before it ships the next pre-beta build.

This state of affairs has come about because Microsoft released the first tech preview way back in October 2014, with a six-month preview licence.

That licence bites the dust on April 15 – but, as Microsoft says here, that's well before the next build will land.

“If you would like to continue your evaluation,” Microsoft notes, “we will soon deliver a solution.”

That post was made on Friday, April 3. There's been no update to the Windows Server blog since.

It's tempting to see the gap between the first preview seizing up and the second becoming available as a perhaps embarrassing sign that Windows Server is not exactly a priority in Redmond right now.

On the upside, maybe the new preview will show off the new super-slim, built-for-cloud version of Windows Server we learned about in early March. ®


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