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Backup Exec worships VMware's spanking new ESXi appeal

Oh yeah, and Amazon's cloud looks good too

Proprietary backup software Backup Exec is now in its mid-teens, with v15 eying up VMware and its distinct six appeal, as well as cosying up to Amazon. The hybrid cloud rules, OK!

The soon-to-be-split Symantec, with Veritas being the storage brand and company, said BE 15 supports the latest VMware enhancements on the source data side, and has Amazon public cloud gateway support on the target side:

VMware features include:

  • VMware ESXi v6 and vCenter v6
  • VMware VSAN and VVOLs
  • Virtual machines with over 2TB volumes and GPT disk
  • SAN restores and enhanced SATA disk support
  • Compatibility with vSphere 6.0 security certificate management
  • Amazon Storage Gateway VTL (Virtual Tape Library) cloud service integration

Veritas-to-be said Backup Exec IT shops can migrate "existing and new Backup Exec jobs to Amazon’s cloud storage via the storage gateway VTL."

There is a new Capacity Edition Lite licensing scheme with a per-TB pricing and limited feature support, which "includes protection for VMware, Hyper-V, Microsoft Applications, Microsoft Windows Servers and ... provides comprehensive protection for virtual and physical environments".

To get all the features and functionalities of Backup Exec including deduplication you need the more expensive Backup Exec Capacity Edition.

Symantec is improving Backup Exec at a rate of knots because, to misquote Andrew Marvell, "But at my back I always hear Veeam's winged chariot hurrying near." Its coy customers must not find Backup Exec wanting in the Veeam comparison stakes.

Backup Exec 15 can be downloaded from Symantec File Connect. ®

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