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OpenMANO: Telefonica's slice of NFV goes live

The Chairman Mao of virtualisation

Another piece of ETSI's network function virtualisation (NFV) plans have emerged as code, with Telefonica putting its OpenMANO project up on Github.

ETSI's MANO (Management and Organisation, with an extra “N” thrown in because otherwise the acronym would be MAO) is the orchestration component of the standards body's NFV framework. It covers orchestration, virtual network function (VNF) instance management, and virtualised infrastructure management (VIM).

The components in Telefonica's release follow that architecture:

  • The reference OpenMANO implementation, with an API for VIM and a northbound REST interface to NFV services;
  • OpenVIM, which provides interfaces to NFV com9pute nodes, and an Openflow controller. There's also an ETSI NFV-PER001 compliant northbound API the company describes as “OpenStack-like” for creating, deleting and managing cloud service images, flavours, instances and networks; and
  • Web and command line interfaces to the OpenMANO API.

Telefonica says it's put OpenMANO through its paces in the company's internal labs over the last year, and has validated its operation against more than 30 VNFs.

ETSI's NFV standardisation work got serious last year, with the outfit publishing its first drafts in August. The body now has 230 companies participating in the development effort.

The code is at Github here. ®

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