US law enforcement rushes to assist bumbling Canuck pirates

Yo ho ho and we'd better stay schtum

Crewmates of a replica Canadian pirate ship were rescued last week by US coast guards after the vessel’s engine shut off.

Coast guards rescued nine pirates from the Canadian tall ship Liana's Ransom after receiving notification that the vessel's engines were disabled and its sails were wrapped around the mast.

As the weather deteriorated and seas reached nearly 10 feet, the coastguard launched two 47-foot motor lifeboat crews from Station Gloucester to tow the vessel back, said the US Coast Guard.

"Once on scene, the boat crews connected the tow, but the rough sea conditions caused the tow line to break.

"The nine passengers were transferred from Liana's Ransom to the Coast Guard motor lifeboats,"said the US Coast Guard.

One man was reported to have suffered a head injury when leaping from Liana's Ransom and was airlifted to Massachusetts General Hospital.

A locator beacon was left on the Liana's Ransom for tracking.

"It was fortunate for the crew of the vessel that the owner reached out to us," said Jay Woodhead, the command duty officer at Sector Boston's Command Center.

He said that with winds gusting to 30 knots, it was unsafe for the hapless pirates to stay aboard. ®

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