Google-Twitter hookup rumours pushes up babble blog site's shares

On the edge of another blabbergasm? Really?

+Comment Google is once again rumoured to be mulling over a potential takeover bid of micro-blabbing site Twitter.

The latest speculative guff pushed shares in Twitter up nearly four per cent by the close of play on Tuesday as Wall Street appeared to respond favourably to the scuttlebutt.

That rise in shares was the best performance the Dick Costolo-run firm, which was founded in 2006, had seen for six months. Twitter's market capitalisation currently stands at $33.7bn.

Googlitter rumours have swilled around the interwebs for years. Yet such a hookup has remained firmly in the realms of fantasy. Could the Chocolate Factory be weighing up its options given its withdrawal from its own dog's dinner of a "network thingy", Google+?

Possibly. Commentators are wrongly wedding the concept of a must-have social network to Google's colossal ad biz strategy.


As I've said before, Google+ has now largely served its purpose for the Larry Page-run multinational: it allowed the firm to slurp up millions of IDs by clamping the service to established Google properties, such as Gmail.

Twitter, then, wouldn't be a replacement for Google+. In fact, I struggle to see how the profit-lite micro-blogging site would be folded into Google's empire. It's simply the wrong fit.

The latest rumours arguably hint at a different type of disruption among investors. So should @dickc be watching his back? ®

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