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Idiot thieves walk free after stolen iPad uploads pics of them with loot

Fancy a laugh? We've got footage of the gurning chumps

Vid A pair of thieving dolts – caught after selfies taken on a stolen iPad were automatically uploaded to the owner's iCloud account – have been spared jail after pleading guilty to felony charges of theft.

Dorian Walker-Gaines, 20, and Dillian Thompson, 22, each pleaded guilty to stealing cash and consumer electronics from the truck of Stewart Schaefer in Houston, Texas.

Just like a poor heist film, Walker-Gaines and Thompson then went to a nearby Burger King to celebrate their successful theft with some food and a series of selfies, in which they posed with the stolen $100 notes.

Using the stolen iPad, they even shot a video during which Walker-Gaines bragged: “This, my good people, is what we get from a good night’s hustle,” according to a District Court criminal complaint.

The clip, which was subsequently uploaded to Walker-Gaines’s Facebook page, includes Thompson, notes in hand, bragging about the denomination of the stolen money: “No twenties, no fives, no tens.”

"Burger King Ballin" - this is the actual video

All of this, of course, was backed up to the iPad owner's iCloud account. When Schaefer discovered the pictures had been uploaded, he passed them on to police while a friend posted them on Reddit, where the criminals were quickly identified.

The idiots were sentenced to five years of community supervision, which includes random drug testing and prohibits the consumption of alcohol.

Each was ordered to pay court costs of $212, while Walker-Gaines is required to repay Schaefer $9,000 in $175-a-month instalments. ®

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