Trustwave's off to Singapore as Singtel slurps security company

Services arm of island-state's dominant telco gets an in to North America and Europe

Singapore's dominant telco and aspiring services player, Singtel, has acquired Trustwave for about US$810m.

Trustwave offers managed security services and the SpiderLabs ethical hacking research outfit, plus a range of network, content and endpoint security products. The company operates in 26 nations and has 1,200 people on the payroll.

Singtel says Trustwave will operate as an independent business unit, with group CEO Chua Sock saying in her canned statement: “We aspire to be a global player in cyber security” and the Trustwave slurp will “create a powerful combination and allow Singtel to capture global opportunities in the cyber security space.”

Trustwave's CEO, chair and president Robert J. McCullen also thinks the deal is a jolly good idea, declaring in a letter to customers that “Singtel is the perfect partner for us.”

Fingers out of throats now, people, as we consider what this means.

Singtel's NCS arm is a vanilla enterprise services player, claiming expertise in the usual enterprise consulting and IT services disciplines and focussing on the public sector. Headcount is over 8,0000. Adding Trustwave gives NCS a nice new line of services, and takes it deeper in the European and US markets than it currently reaches. As such the company is buying itself not just a security practice, but also a springboard into markets beyond its current south-east Asian strongholds.

So look out, world. Singtel's just bought itself desks near you and, if you're one of Trustwave's thousands of customers, now has a way to introduce itself and its services to you. Enjoy those visits, and do tell us if the USB sticks they hand out have an interesting design. ®

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