Microsoft, Getty settle image snatch 'suit

When the fighting stops, the loving starts

Microsoft and Getty Images have resolved a dispute by getting into bed together.

The legal imbroglio between the two kicked off last September when Getty sued Microsoft for making it too easy to find its images with the Bing Image Search widget. Once it saw the sueball heading its way, Redmond shuttered the widget and the lawyers got to work penning pricey letters.

The fruit of their labours emerged on Tuesday in the form of a new “partnership to develop image-rich, compelling products and services for Microsoft products like Bing and Cortana using Getty Images’ world class imagery.”

Details of just what's going on haven't been disclosed, but there's talk of Microsoft accessing a Getty Images API and pumping the results into Bing and Cortana. Presumably with fees attached.

Both parties are now talking up access to lovely imagines gathered and curated by golden lensmen and lenswomen, to the benefit of all. And seeing as that means we could sneak in an E.E. 'Doc' Smith reference, who can complain? ®

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