Google research bods hope to lick battery life limits – report

Choc Factory is testing solid-state and lithium-ion tech, apparently

Google has reportedly been attempting to develop batteries that last longer.

The world's largest ad broker apparently has a small team of four people beavering away at lithium-ion technology and solid-state batteries in its Google X research lab.

According to the Wall Street Journal, erstwhile Apple battery bod Dr Ramesh Bhardwaj first started testing the power containers for Google in 2012.

The paper cited folk familiar with the work, which was spun – in typical Google X fashion – as a secret project.

But it's hardly surprising that Mountain View would be developing its own batteries, given the amount of hardware kit that it now produces.

As noted by the WSJ, Google has around 20 projects on the go that depend on batteries, including its self-driving tech. ®

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