Citrix reveals direction for cloudified XenApp, XenDesktop

Promises to pipe workloads from anywhere into anything

If you've heard the “opex, not capex, software updates done centrally so your people can innovate, not administer, and elastic provisioning instead of licensing-for-peak-load” cloud mantra (and who hasn't), this will be a quick read because Citrix has taken that list of cloudy goodness and signalled that it will soon apply it to its app delivery and desktop as a service tools XenApp and XenDesktop.

Citrix-watchers have a bit more to chew on. The company has signalled that one of the big announcements at its May Synergy conference will be more detail about that cloudy service.

The detail outlined in the video below explains how the company plans a Workplace Cloud Control Center from which one will be able to create and dispenses desktops, and apps, to users on a variety of devices. There'll also be a new Workplace Cloud Connector that links Active Directory to Citrix's cloudy service. The Connector also makes it possible to pipe workloads from any cloud or bit barn through Workplace Cloud and into end-users' faces.

Citrix has been hinting at this sort of thing since Synergy 2014 when it was called Citrix Workspace Services. The company now says it's possible to arrange a demo of Workplace Cloud and that it will be the subject of a session at the Synergy conference. It's not obvious just when it will launch, however.

The company will hope the Synergy reveal goes well as its numbers aren't pretty, partly because turning the company around to cope with cloud is proving tricky. ®

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