How big a problem is Cloud security?

In and out of the shadows

Promo To help readers help each other, we have put together a short, sharp temperature check survey on the topic of cloud security. We're asking a bit about you and your organisation for context and then 5 simple questions that we think nail the key issues and possible solutions. We finish off by getting you to tell us the scariest or most bizarre business use of cloud services you have come across.

You can get stuck in right here:

You would be unusual if you weren’t seeing ‘the cloud’ crop up in various guises in your organisation. This might be down to formal adoption, less official shadow IT activity, or unofficial use of consumer-class services by individual users.

Whatever the services and however they come to be part of the mix, they all lead to business data being stored in someone else’s data centre. The security implications cannot be ignored, especially if the data in question is sensitive or subject to regulation.

We know this is a major concern for many of you, especially given the difficulties of getting senior management to understand the issues. So, once the results are in we'll publish a summary of the survey results to see if we can help you overcome the perennial challenge of improving executive level awareness and appreciation.

The survey's right here, enjoy.

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