Got iOS 8.3 installed? Pssh, you are SO last week… version 8.4 is out

The cool kids are already running the beta

Apple has released beta builds of the iOS 8.4, now the latest version available for registered developers.

The Cupertino idiot-tax operation announced the release of the build on Monday.

Among the reported features being previewed in the iOS beta is an overhaul to the Music app. Early screenshots of the player suggest Apple is redesigning the user interface in both the player and navigation screens.

Apple maintains a beta channel for the next-generation release of iOS. The Cupertino giant gives registered iOS developers access to the upcoming operating system builds in order to test apps for compatibility problems and integrate new features on the day of release.

The beta release comes just days after Apple unleashed the final release of iOS 8.3 on the public. Along with some minor cosmetic changes (new emojis), the update contained a boatload of stability and security fixes.

OS X received a simultaneous security and stability update of its own.

Soon after the update was kicked out, researchers who found and reported the bugs went public with the stories behind the patched flaws, some of which appeared to be serious in nature, allowing attackers to pull sensitive data from devices.

No word has been given on what the security patch content of iOS 8.4 will be, and we wouldn't expect any until Apple has the update released to the general public. ®

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