MySQL maestro Percona makes NoSQL play with Tokutek gobble

Gains transaction-safe MongoDB distro plus speedy database tech

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MySQL consulting and services outfit Percona has acquired Tokutek, makers of a commercial, transaction-safe distribution of the open source MongoDB NoSQL database.

"TokuMX, a fully functional transactional, document (row) level locking NoSQL derivative of MongoDB, will now be serviced, supported and remotely managed by Percona's industry leading staff of experts," the company said in a statement on Tuesday. 

The price tag of the deal, which closed on April 7, was not disclosed. But Percona said it intends to extend all current Tokutek customers' support contracts with 24/7 support, where previously support had only been available during normal business hours.

Durham, North Carolina–based Percona has so far focused on providing service and support for traditional relational databases in the form of Percona Server, its custom MySQL fork. The Tokutek gobble means it will now also offer TokuMX, a document-oriented database, as an alternative.

TokuMX is a drop-in replacement for MongoDB, but unlike stock MongoDB it supports multi-document, ACID-compliant transactions and multi-version concurrency control (MVCC).

By acquiring Tokutek, Percona also becomes the exclusive global licensee of a set of technologies developed by MIT, Stony Brook, and Rutgers universities called Fractal Tree indexing. The firm claims this tech can improve database performance up to 50 times over the traditional B-tree indexing that's found in stock MySQL and MongoDB while also reducing database size by up to 90 per cent, without rewriting or tuning applications.

Fractal Tree indexing is baked into TokuMX, but Tokutek also offers a product called TokuDB that uses the same tech as the basis for a pluggable storage engine for MySQL, MariaDB, and Percona Server. Percona has been offering TokuDB as an option for its customers since 2014; following Tuesday's announcement, it says it plans to fully integrate the engine into Percona Server and Percona XtraDB Cluster.

Tokutek currently has offices in New York City and Lexington, Massachusetts, but Percona said the companies' combined development teams will now jointly maintain the software. ®


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