Raytheon suspected of readying for Websense slurp

Missile-maker expands its infosec footprint

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The biz-wires are abuzz with industry talk that enterprise net-filter outfit Websense will be slurped by Raytheon for a cool $US1.9 billion.

Now an e-mail and Web security company with deployment options from the desktop to the cloud, Websense had long lived under the wing of private equity company Vista Equity Partners (VEP).

Vista Equity Partners took Websense private in 2013, acquiring the business for $US24.75 per share via its affiliate, Tomahawk Merger Sub. That price valued the security vendor at around $US990 million.

According to Reuters, Vista will retain 20 per cent of Websense.

Raytheon will put around $US1.6 billion in cash into the transaction, of which $US600 million will be a loan.

It's the second major computer security acquisition for the arms maker in twelve months: in November 2014, the company bought Blackbird Technologies for $US420 million.

Websense's TRITON product set covers Web filtering and security, e-mail security, and data loss prevention, with deployment as end-point software, various appliance options, and either hybrid cloud or all-cloud. ®


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