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What's 'appening with WhatsApp? '800 MEEELLION LOSERS* actively use us', says boss

*Users. We mean users. Obvs

The CEO of Facebook-owned WhatsApp claimed on Friday that the mobile messaging service was now accessed by 800 million chumps worldwide each month.

CEO Jan Koum said in a brief Facebook post that WhatsApp was "now serving 800,000,000 monthly active users." He added that "active and registered users are not the same thing".

But then, that depends how much one cares about the metrics in the first place.

For example, Twitter co-founder Evan Williams recently attacked Facebook for boasting about MAUs by noting that the free content ad network presented the numbers in a way that made them "so abstract to be meaningless".

WhatsApp was bought by Facebook for $19bn in early 2014.

The messaging service's userbase has doubled in size since then. As of August last year, the MAU number apparently stood at 600 million. ®

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