iPhone vs. Galaxy fight hospitalises two after beer bottle stabbing

Mix of Android, iOS and booze turns nasty in Oklahoma

Tulsa, Oklahoma, TV station KTUL is reporting that two men were left with “cuts all over their bodies … covered with blood” after an argument over the merits of Android and iOS “escalated”.

The station's report suggests the two were discussing the competing merits of the iPhone and Samsung's new offering – probably the Galaxy S6 - within the confines of their shared flat. A few drinks later, the conversation kicked up several notches.

At that point bottles were broken, the two started taking swings at each other and one was found in the carpark of the Evergreen Apartments at 1:00 AM covered in blood. At which point the local constabulary was summoned, tossed both men in chokey and, according to Cpl. Dave Young, are now trying to figure out if one was the aggressor in order to lay charges.

“Alcohol”, the report says, is suspected of “playing a big role” in the incident. ®

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