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Junk in your trunk is Amazon Germany's new delivery plan

DHL deliverators to get one-time codes to pop keyless cars's German outpost,, is trialling delivery of goods direct into the trunks of buyers' cars.

The trial will only work for Amazon Prime customers who drive an Audi, as the scheme relies on keyless entry to the vehicle. Enabling that access will require testers to add a gadget of undetermined nature to their cars, so that the DHL delivery folk doing the trial can open their cars.

DHL will be able to find cars based on locations entered by buyers when they shop at Amazon. Delivery folk will be given a time window in which to make the delivery and a one-time code to open the car, which will lock itself afterwards. The scheme will also make it possible to return goods, Amazon says.

Amazon Germany's looking for folks willing to test the service in and around Munich and says this is an experiment, for now, but that if it works it hopes to figure out how to make deliveries possible to brand of car, to put junk in every trunk. ®

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