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NBN Co loses the “Co” for AU$700,000

The National Broadband Network is now brought to you by NBN, not by NBN Co

NBN Co, the entity charged with building and operating Australia's National Broadband Network (NBN), has changed its name to NBN.

Reports from Fairfax Media suggest the company spent some AU$700,000 on the re-branding exercise, which produced the logo at the top of this story and the variant at its foot. Both appear heavily-influenced by Western Desert dot paintings, perhaps with a bit of an attempt to invoke radiating radio waves. Or perhaps the logo recognises that a circle surrounded by a dotted circle is often a motif for a waterhole.

Enough of the art criticism. NBN apparently decided it would be better off as NBN because Joe Average didn't have any idea what NBN Co did. Simplifying matters is hoped to ensure that when Australians hear the acronym NBN they associate with broadband.

The company's first act under the new brand was to emit the results of a survey declaring “Australia’s most connected generation unveiled.” Which makes an awful lot of sense to Vulture South without even delving below the headline, given that this generation is the first to enjoy access to smartphones, 4G and – where installed – NBN's NBN. Not NBN Co's NBN. ®

NBN logo

The alternative NBN logo, used on Twitter and perhaps in other place

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