C++ Daddy Bjarne Stroustrup outlines directions for v17

Standards committee meeting next week should be scintillating

Calm yourselves, readers. The Spring 2015 C++ Standards Committee Meeting takes place next week in Lenexa, Kansas. And at that meeting much of the discussion is expected to consider C++ 17, a major revision of the programming language due in 2017.

C++ is currently in version 14, which was released last year, but last week C++ Daddy Bjarne Stroustrup published the presentation below outlining what he thinks needs to be done to create version 17.

What will C++17 be

At first glance, Stroustrup's suggestions appear to be concerned with ensuring C++ remains relevant to the “cloud-native” application crowd, without losing its soul along the way.

The Reg understands that Stroustrup's presentation will be the subject of much discussion at next week's meeting. And, doubtless, much debate for years to come thereafter. ®

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