Smile! Brit transport plods turn bodycams on travelling public

You've been, er, framed on the train and now you're in the cloud. Huzzah

British Transport Police have agreed to test 250 Taser Axon body-worn cameras.

The gizmos film alleged criminal activity witnessed by the cops, before uploading the footage to a data management system.

Taser promised that the evidence gathered from the devices would be stored and managed securely on its platform.

The BTP will carry out a nine-month "proof of concept" exercise from May, when they will deploy the kit to officers who patrol railways, tram systems and underground tube stations across Blighty.

Taser said that the cameras, powered by a small battery pack, were "highly visible" and can be attached to clothing, sunglasses or a head mount. The firm added:

When recording, the cameras capture a wide-angle, full-colour view of what an officer is facing. The video automatically uploads via a docking station to, a cloud-based storage and management system, where it can be easily accessed for review.

The video files stored online or on the Axon video camera are secure and include a chain of custody with audit trails.

What could possibly go wrong? ®

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