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Intel's wristjob envy sparks reorg

Palm's Bell bumped sideways, says WSJ

Intel has signalled a refocussing of its R&D in an effort to really, truly make a difference in the wearables market.

Chipzilla has told The Wall Street Journal that what was formerly its former New Devices Group will be remade as the “New Technology Group” and put under the leadership of senior veep Joshua Waldon.

Walden currently heads up Intel's Platform Engineering Group, and has been with the company since 1983. The report doesn't identify the destination within Intel for the high-profile Mike Bell, who joined Intel in 2010 after working in product development for Apple and Palm.

CEO Brian Krzanich wants Intel to get a foothold in the wearables market, the WSJ reckons, and wants the New Technology Group to spearhead that push.

The Register would add another possible interpretation to the re-organisation: a general broadening of Intel's research interests beyond devices to try and get further along the path between transistor and end-user with its own smarts.

That would be in line with another snippet about the re-org: the New Business Initiatives group will also be incorporated into the new organisation.

There must certainly be a “something must be done” feeling around Intel, which in April reported flat revenues of US$12.78 billion.

The company had to squeeze some positive spin out of growth in the Internet of Things division (to just over half a billion), and in the much larger Data Center segment (US$3.68 billion in revenue). &reg

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