You can now play thousands of classic DOS games on Twitter. Goodbye, productivity

Hello, Wolfenstein 3D

The Internet Archive is sharing 2,600 blast-from-the-past DOS games playable in web browsers via Twitter in what is possibly an anarchist plot to strangle global productivity.

This means you can tweet links to the games on, and play them within Twitter. Welcome to the future.

The archive's online vault includes classics from Oregon Trail ("Oh, you've died of dystentry!") and Wolfenstein 3D ("Oh, you've died of gunshots!") to this writer's favorite, Championship Manager '93 ("Oh, you've died of boredom!") The games are curated by archivist and technology historian Jason Scott, and are playable thanks to a JavaScript port of the DOS Box x86 PC emulator.

And since you can embed the tweets in web pages, we can bring a couple to you right here:


To embed a game in a tweet, simply copy and paste the URL from the page of your favorite title into a tweet. Soon you too could be earning money doing research for an "investigative" story about tech nostalgia for the majority of the working day. ("Oh, you've been fired!") ®

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