Oracle, Accenture, in cloudy consulting cuddle

This is how Big Red is going to migrate you to the cloud

Oracle and Accenture are cuddling in the cloud.

The pair have announced “The Accenture Oracle Business Group”, a joint operation that will see the consultancy cook up “solutions” based on Oracle's cloudy applications.

There's talk of “accelerators, prebuilt adapters and industry-specific extensions” that will help Accenture do more stuff, faster, with Oracle's cloudy apps. “Pre-integrated enterprise-class cloud solutions and a robust service catalog to help simplify migration to the cloud and accelerate overall innovation” is also on the agenda.

The latter sounds interesting: Oracle recently said 95 per cent of its software will soon be cloudified. Big Red wouldn't be doing that if clients didn't want to make the move. Enlisting Accenture's 50,000-plus Oracle-educated consultants to help the move therefore looks like sensible thinking.

Of course any migration project brings with it risks, not least of project sprawl. So while it's lovely that the two companies say they have “accelerators”, it's wise to assume they won't mean any evaporation of on-premises apps will be swift or simple. Accenture simply wouldn't be up for this if it didn't mean a chance to bill lots of lovely consultancy hours! ®

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