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Dropbox sets up PO box in Ireland to handle non-US services

When Irish eyes are smiling, there'll be lower tax to pay

Dropbox has joined the ranks of tech companies domiciling services in Ireland.

All non-US users of paid Dropbox services will now have their service contract with Dropbox Ireland, the company says.

The secure document storage outfit makes a hand-on-heart promise that the change “to better serve you and the growing number of Dropbox users around the world”.

Perhaps predictably, users that have noticed the change aren't convinced, as the comments at this forum make clear: they reckon it's merely that Dropbox has joined the tax minimisation club along with Google, Apple and others funnelling revenue through the low-tax country.

A minority of the user comments suggest the move might be to bring Dropbox services under EU data protection laws.

The company also swears that none of the features of Dropbox, Dropbox for Business, Carousel or Mailbox will change as the result of the reorganisation.

Tech companies have been criticised in the EU, the UK and Australia.

Even America thinks the tax arrangements might be diddling the IRS, and the White House has proposed a tax break to try and bring the profits home. ®


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