Yow! It's the HOT NEW 'Collections' from Google! Oh wait ... it's a Google+ thing

No matter how I scrub, stench of death still on me

Google+ has not only, er, joined Twitter in the past few days – it also unveiled a desperate-looking new feature dubbed Collections.

The move is Mountain View's latest attempt to create some buzz around its ID-slurping "network thingy", which the ad giant has failed to successfully market as an alternative to Facebook or Twitter.

Collections appears to be a half-arsed push from Google to get more people to hang around for longer on its ailing Google+ service.

But the whole thing has an end-of-the-pier whiff to it, as highlighted in this sentence explaining Collections:

Our happiest Google+ users are those who connect with others around shared interests and passions.

Inevitably, the feature has already been compared to social link-sharing site Pinterest.

Data-scrape goliath Google urged its users to "share what you love" on the service, which has been shoved into the Google+ stream.

Still need convincing that the Chocolate Factory's Collections function is a last-gasp effort to make people actually use Google+?

We'll just leave this here:

Welp. ®

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