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DEFCON 23 to host Internet of Things slaughterfest

Sequel to SOHOplessly Broken challenge aims to give bored thing-makers a nasty shock

The Internet of Things (IoT) will, come August, be torn apart in a new hacking slaughterfest announced for DEFCON 23.

The contest run by the brains behind the router-smashing SOHOplessly Broken challenge aims to stain the carpet with the blood of internet accessible gadgets and junk as hackers tear apart devices to capture flags and demonstrate zero day vulnerabilities.

Independent Security Evaluators partner and contest organiser Ted Harrington says it will demonstrate the woeful state of security with IoT.

"IoT devices aggregate staggering amounts of data about consumers and businesses alike, and introduce harrowing new points of remote connectivity to previously lesser accessible environments,” Harrington says.

"And so as a community we must work to solve the massive privacy and security issues that are introduced by connected devices."

Harrington says it is the logical next step for the popular SOHOplessly Broken contest which showcased the router industry's catastrophic disinterest in security standards after contestants tore apart popular brands and revealed 15 zero days.

The latest contest brings a new meaning to BYOD with punters urged to cart their favourite or most hated thing for public punishment.

Competitors however will need to prove that they have first sent their vulnerabilities into the echoless vendor chambers before showcasing exploits.

The IoT hacking village runs 6-9 August will include capture the flag, zero-day discovery and sudden death contest, along with presentations and workshops.

Hackers eager to present on smashing or defending IoT devices during the village have until 26 May to submit their entries.

The village will also include a surprise contest. ®

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