Google: Are you BIG? Be welcome at the Bigtable, chomp and scoff data

Get ready for the 'Age of the Internet of STUFF'

Google has opened up its Bigtable database – which, among other things powers the ad giant's search tech – to businesses handling vast amounts of data.

The multi-billion dollar company claimed in a blog post this morning that its Google Cloud Bigtable would help enterprises and big orgs to deal with "the coming age of the Internet of Things".

It added that the "extremely scalable NoSQL database service" would be available through the Apache HBase API.

The hosted NoSQL data store can be used with existing Hadoop software and has been released as a beta version in the U.S., Europe and APAC regions.

No word yet on when Google Cloud Bigtable will get a general release, however.

This way for details on pay-as-you go pricing for storage. ®

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