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Crowdfunded ZX Spectrum revival just days from shipment

You’d need to connect it to your Deja VDU

The remake of the Sinclair Spectrum from Retro Computers is about to ship.

Despite our suggestion that it was a rubbish idea 4,549 of the 7,193 Reg readers who voted in our poll disagreed and quite a few must have put their money where their mouse is - as the first 1,000 Vegas sold out shortly after our article appeared.

The first working pre-production prototype Vega is now on display at Game City, the National Video Game museum in Nottingham, where you can see the Vega cycling through screens showing a few of its games.

One of the major gripes from potential customers, not least in the comments to our article, was the limited number of buttons on the prototype’s keyboard. Retro has added a few more buttons to address this and an expansion port.

Retro has also been petitioning games rights holders to allow their code to be used on the Vega and will be publishing the full list next Monday. The builder has created a viral cat video too.

Youtube Video

That first batch of Vegas will be winging its way to customers by the end of the month and a further 3,000 are ramping up for delivery in following weeks. Around 1,300 of those are spoken for but some are available at the Vega website, for £100. ®

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