Cop in gay porn film advised to put his helmet away

More than 60 Met Police workers sacked for other computer, er, cockups

A Met copper received "management advice" after it emerged he had "participated in a pornographic film aimed at the gay market for which he had been paid money," a Freedom of Information response to El Reg has revealed.

It is not clear from the response whether the officer in question was in uniform at the time or whether any police equipment was used.

Bizarrely, the incident came to light in response to a question regarding the number of incidents of computer misuse at the Met.

According to the FOI, the number of computer misuse allegations recorded against Metropolitan Police Service employees soared to 173 last year - nearly triple that of the previous year.

Sanctions recorded as "dismissal without notice for gross misconduct" rose from three in 2013 to 62 in 2014, according to the Met.

The most common type of computer misuse allegation related to “corrupt practice”, rising from 15 allegations in 2013 to 101 in 2014.

Some of these instances included the leaking of information to a criminal associate, fabricating data records, and carrying out extensive unauthorised checks on the Police National Computer database.

Since 2009 the total number of substantiated computer misuse cases was 471, out of 673 allegations made between then and 2014.

But a number of those substantiated allegations did not result in disciplinary action.

Another officer was also given management advice after emailing a "spoof type image of a caravan adorned with various Nazi references."

One officer received a written warning after emailing photographs to a member of the public, one of which was of "a very graphic nature" and caused offence.

The FOI response said the overall increase in cases from 2013 to 2014 was due to a number of historic allegations being transferred on the system - and did not necessarily mean the incident date was calendar year 2014.

"Furthermore, there are a number of cases that are made up of a large number of allegations. For example, in 2014 one case alone was comprised of 53 separate allegations," it said. ®

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