Nutanix announces beta of Community Edition software

Roll-your-own hyperconverged boxen if you dare

As foreshadowed by The Reg's virtualisation desk, Nutanix has announced a “community edition” of the software it uses to power its hyperconverged servers-and-storage-in-a-box rigs.

The software will see the light of day at the company's user conference on June 8th, where it will merge as a “full-featured, limited-scale version of the Nutanix software stack.” The limit to scale is four nodes, but as Nutanix explains in the recipe for the Dell version of its kit, each node can comprise four two-socket servers packing E5 series Xeons for up to 24 cores per sever.

Nutanix reckons the Community Edition will be used by students, the channel and IT pros doing evals of its platform.

The company's also suggesting that shipping its secret software sauce without hardware shows just how software-defined the software-defined data centre is becoming.

A canned statement composed for El Reg featured Nutanix's senior director of prodiuct and technical marketing, Greg Smith, predicting “We're confident that Nutanix Community Edition will be the most widely deployed hyperconverged software stack in the market”.

Game on.

In a little while, anyway. The announcement of the beta requires would-be users to sign up for a waitlist. The code will flow at the company's conference. ®

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