EEeeeeek, complaints! Ofcom roasts BT-wannabe-spouse

Gripes about operator's landline and broadband services pile up

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EE was the most moaned-about ISP for the final nine months of 2014, Blighty's communications watchdog Ofcom said this morning.

The operator, which awaits regulatory approval for its planned nuptials with telecoms giant BT later this year, was lobbed more customer complaints about its broadband and landline services than any of its rivals.

Ofcom said that it was now including data on its grizzly gripe graphs for carriers with a subscriber market share of at least 1.5 per cent, which explains why mobile operator EE had made it on to the broadband and landline lists.

BT-owned Plusnet has similarly been added to the regulator's whinge tally.

Complaints about EE's telephone landline service peaked at 0.33 per 1,000 customers in the final quarter of 2014, Ofcom said.

The carping against EE "mainly related to problems with changing provider; fault, service and provision problems; and customer bills," it added.

But quibbles about EE didn't end there: the company fared even worse with its broadband service, with 0.42 complaints per 1,000 customers being recorded during the final quarter of last year.

In August last year, EE admitted to The Register that it needed to improve its customer service record, after some subscribers accused the operator of silencing gripes on social media.

"At the moment we're not number one for service. What we're doing [to fix this] is very real, these aren't just empty words," An EE spokesman told us at the time.

Which must surely mean that Ofcom's next report about EE will be glowing, right? ®


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